Photo: Al Garcia


Length: 37″
Width: 10″(widest), 9″(waist)
Wheelbases: 28.5″, 29.5″
Drop: 0.75″

Construction: 8 Maple ply + 2 Fiberglass + Carbon Strips


Description: The Miro was engineered as an equalizer for our smaller riders, but works just as well for bigger folks who have a smaller stance or want to cut down on the sluggishness of a full sized wheelbase without forsaking the drops. It boasts the same concave in and through the drops that its big brother Jiro has, but trades in the muscle for a slimmer, more streamlined complete with 28.5 and 29.5 inch wheelbases. It doesn’t cut any corners though, with 8 plies of maple, two plies of fiberglass, and carbon fiber reinforcement in the necks, this pocket pistol can take punches just as hard or harder than bigger and heavier boards.  If you’re a head shorter than most, or you’re looking for a drop deck that doesn’t feel like an aircraft carrier, the Miro is your fit.

Deck (Gripped): $140.00




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