Our Values
Jati Boards is a skater owned and operated business that creates high quality decks at a reasonable price.  We believe in promoting skateboarding and supporting our skateboarding community.

After several years making longboards as a hobby in our Atlanta garage, we finally shared our boards with local skaters.  With their feedback, we are able to make better boards.  Finally, in April 2010, we created Jati Boards LLC.  We hope that Jati Boards become well known, not just for quality, but also as a key supporter of the sport.

Contact Us
Let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make your skating experience more enjoyable.

Phone : 678.643.3581

Email/Info Requestinfo@jatiboards.com

Sales Inquirysales@jatiboards.com

Event/Rider Sponsorship Inquiry :  sponsorship@jatiboards.com

Custom Boards Inquiry :  custom@jatiboards.com


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