The Karate Chop is the result of rider requests for a smaller Chop Suey.  Karate Chop has 1/4″ rocker and flared 3D wheel wells that is going to create nice and comfortable pocket.  With it’s flat truck mount area, it will keep your trucks’ angle true.  Also, Karate Chop has diagonal bumps between rocker and the truck mount area (front and back area) to enhance the pocket created from the rocker and 3D wheelwells.  In addition, it has generous kick tail and small nose kick.  Lastly, with it’s 9.75″ wide, 38″ long, and 22″-24″-26″ wheelbases, it’s a great compact yet versatile deck.  (Graphic by Possala Wang)

Construction: 7 maple ply + 2 fiberglass + carbon strips on front and rear kicks.


Price $130.00 (Gripped)

Warranty & Safety Information: link


Photo: Al Garcia


Color options (Left to Right):

Maple, Red Mahogany, Green, Orange, Blue


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