Photo: Al Garcia


Length: 37″
Width: 10″
Wheelbases: 27.25″, 28.25″, 29.25″

Features: Radial Concave, W-Concave,  Top Pockets/Flared Wheelwells,  Bottom Carbon Sheet

Construction: 7 Maple ply + 2 Fiberglass + Carbon Strips + Carbon Sheet

Description: The Fu is a featherweight prizefighter primed and ready for hauling tail.  Made of seven plies of maple with two plies of fiberglass, carbon fiber across the bottom and in the necks, this board is light in weight but heavy in power.  Low on torsion, but high on spring, the construction dampens the bumps and bruises on the road, but stays stiff and uncompromisingly stable at speed. Radial concave and a mellow rear w keep you comfortable in the front and locked in the back and wheelbases from 27 and a quarter to just under 30 you can set it up to rip the tightest technical runs or full bomb the steepest mountain pass. From freeride to racing, this board can do it all, but before you look closer, you have to ask yourself… Are you fast enough?

Deck (Gripped): $165.00

Warranty & Safety Information: link






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